Advanced introduction to the US Bond Markets

Everything you need to know about the US Bond Market..and why it's important. Even if you never trade Bonds, it's critical info.

US Bond Market

The U.S. Bond market is the largest and most dynamic in the world. This course looks at what Treasury bonds are, and why they are one of the most important asset classes to follow. We study the correlations between the Stock and Bond markets. You'll learn why Bond prices move, how they are intertwined with interest rates and inflation, as well as its relationship with credit ratings. We study the impact of the AAA downgrade of the U.S. debt, the long bull run in the Bond markets, and what might present a chink in this armor in the future. We look at the role of the Federal Reserve, and how it intervenes in the markets. Finally, we look at all the simple ways to trade the Bond markets without actually trading any actual Bonds.

What you will master

  • What is the Bond market and why is it so important to follow
  • How are Bonds correlated to Stocks, and what is RISK ON and RISK OFF
  • If Bonds are fixed income instruments, why do their prices move
  • What is the relationship of Bonds to Interest rates
  • What is the relationship of Bonds to Inflation
  • Why do credit ratings matter in the Bond market
  • Why and how does the Federal Reserve intervene in the markets
  • What is Quantitative Easing and what are its effects
  • Is there any downside from money printing or QE
  • What are the perils lurking in the Bond market
  • How do I play the Bond market in a simple way
  • What ETFs can we use to trade the Bond Market
  • What can we learn from Japan's experiences with printing money

US Bond Markets - I
US Bond Markets - II

What's included

  • 2 Video Lessons

  • Works on all devices
  • Certificate of completion

Hari Swaminathan